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Commercial & Residential Sales Solutions

Whether it’s for a small office or large commercial premises we have the most efficient air conditioning system for your needs. We will install, maintain as well as design for larger spaces to ensure that you have an ventilation system which meets your needs.

Commercial Service, Repairs & Refurbishments

We specialise in keeping your businesses air conditioning system running continously day and night despite the external weather conditions.

Whether you require annual maintenance, any repairs or a refurbishment of your existing system then we have a qualified and experienced team for your needs.

Residential Service & Preventative Maintenance

Let our team of certified and experienced service technicians look after your home air conditioning systems. We recommend that your air conditioning is serviced annually to maintain optimal operating efficiency.


Why Eastaway ?

Eastaway Air Conditioning was founded by Paul Eastaway in 1968. It grew rather rapidly over the years from servicing the Northern Suburbs to now where we service Greater Sydney including the Central Coast, Blue Mountains and Wollongong. Growth can be attributed to creative air conditioning solutions for both residential and commercials markets which exceeded customer expectations, i.e. value for money and technical excellence.

We are now centrally located in Castle Hill and offer innovative solutions centred around spilt systems and ducted systems for both residential and commercial applications. This includes new installations, preventative maintenance, repairs and refurbishments.

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Air Conditioning Tips

  • For quieter operation and lower power consumption always choose an inverter unit.
  • Clean the filters before summer and winter for more efficient performance.
  • Run the temperature setting a bit warmer in summer and cooler in winter to reduce your electricity consumption.
  • Ensure that the outside air conditioning unit is free from vegetation and debris.
  • Check units for any wear and tear or anything unusual which could lead to future problems.
  • Check batteries in air conditioning remote ever couple years to ensure that there is no battery corrosion.
  • If your air conditioning no longer meets your requirements then please contact us today for further assistance as we are here to help. 

Split System Air Conditioning

split system refers to a type of air conditioner which has a condensing unit that sits separately from an evaporative coil unit. The condensing unit aka compressor is externally located while the evaporative unit aka the head unit is usually wall mounted. The two parts are connected by a copper pipping that carries the refrigerant gas between the units to create cool or warm air as required.

Ducted Air Conditioning

ducted air conditioner is one that is capable of cooling or heating your entire home or business. It works by having a central unit that adjusts the air temperature based on a predefined temperature setting and then distributes the ‘enhanced’ air via a series of ducts into the required rooms or zones.

Multi Split Air Conditioning

The multi split air conditioner was first developed by Daikin and first sold Japan. It is very similar to split system but has multiple internal wall mounted head units linked to a single external unit. They are popular in locations where a ducted system is deemed too expensive or access is limited. This type of system has limits in how far copper piping can travel between the internal and external units.

Commercial Air Conditioning

With larger businesses you would invest a custom designed HVAC system, such as VRV or VRF, to maximise comfort and efficiency while minimizing energy consumption.

Contact us today with your air conditioning requirements.

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